10 Advantages of Social Media – Part 2

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In the last post, we take you through the first 5 advantages of Social Media. In this post, we’ll continue with the next 5 potential benefits of it. Let’s get dive in.

1. More Inbound Traffic.

You should note that every individual has his/her ways when it comes to researching products online.

Without social media presence, where you can make your products visible to a variety of persons, you limit your products to your inner circle of customers.

If you have a particular keyword that helps in locating your website, not all clients will use such a keyword, making you lose some opportunities due to your products not getting found.

When advertising your business on social media channels, you’ll make a variety of people get to discover the name of products which enables you to gain customers from diverse backgrounds.

2. Cost Friendly.

There’s no point in using most of your money in costly advertisement. That won’t have a significant return on investment for your business.

Social media marketing is an excellent choice for marketing your business. Since joining most social media channels is free, and if you do advertise on it, it’d be a fair price.

Other forms of marketing are somehow costly when compared to social media marketing which makes marketing through social media the best option.

When you decide to go for paid social media marketing, the best advice would be to start with a small amount of cash, after which you can then increase your advertisement budget gradually.

With time, your return on investment will go up so that you get back the money you invested.

3. Social Media Helps Gain Market Insights.

Nowadays, as we all know, social media is the most used platform for interacting with other individuals.

You can take advantages of this feature in a business aspect so that you can communicate with your customers and know what they expect from you.

As you interact with your clients, you can identify your weaknesses in the business.

Therefore, you can make the necessary improvements that will help you provide quality products and services to them.

Besides, you can use social media marketing as a research tool, to help you understand your industry better.

4. Improve Search Engine Rankings.

Who would like his/her business appearing on top of Google when a product similar to that to what you supply?

Absolutely, Nobody!

As a result, all business owners want it.

By all means, try to ensure that your firm’s website ranks high when customers search for a business related to yours.

Although social media isn’t the only way to make your business’ website rank high, it’s 1 of the major ways that help your website rank high in Google.

Ranking high is important for your business, it helps you gain more customers, for sure.

Agree with me or not, not many people will click the page 2 and the rest to make a decision. If you don’t appear on the first page, accept the fact that you’re losing lots of opportunities.

Therefore, having a social media channel such as Facebook could help you a lot.

5. Improved Brand Loyalty.

Getting more customers is always the happiest moment for every business owners.

Knowing that your business will grow as a result.

However, this happiness can last for a short period if the same customers opt for other suppliers in case they’re not satisfied with your services anymore.

Social media is a way to ensure that you create a loyal customer base. This is because it creates a base for you to engage your clients actively. You can hold discussions with those who interested in your products.

You can hold discussions with those who interested in your products.

It’s the place where they can tell you what they like or don’t like about your products/services, without it, you’ll not know where to improve.

With such measures, you can make your clients more satisfied with what you offer which enables you to retain your customers and even gain more.


From the coverage above, it’s no doubt that social media is a great plus when used to market your business.

This means that, if you haven’t taken account of online platforms when it comes to selling your stuff, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

Therefore, do not get defeated by competitors who have already taken advantages of social media platforms but create your own channels and get as many people like and share as possible. It’s a huge benefit for your business.

June 6, 2017

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